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Default Shift

Hi all, I'm new here, My name is Dave from South Africa.
Started Ft in Feb last year and had good results. But this Point of impact shift thing had me up the wall sometimes. If I lost a comp it was as a result of one or 2 shots not going where I aimed, often low, but sometimes high.

Last year I shot with a Walther Dominator LG300 with a Big Nikko scope, which was giving me shifts but I must say on the modest side. But they were shifts none the less and resulted in silly misses.
This year I have been sponsored my dreamgun, an EV2mk4.. I still have the same scope on. Its nicely accurate but also shifts ,( like my other guns).

I only recently came back from leave (Sun City) where it is a scorching ave of 36 deg cels daily(he he he ) so me and the EV has only had 3 weeks or so to get to know each other, but I noticed she shifts aswell. Especially during turbulent thunderstormy weather or cloudy days where the sun comes and goes.

I get and instantanious 3-5 click shift when cloud cover moves to sunny and vice versa, at the same time I can feel the temp drop or climb, sometimes it shifts and returns back within 20 minutes. It plays havoc with a score card.

It seems to be universal here with us in South Africa as I have not encountered a gun that doesnt shift. The Question is simple, as you guys have vast experience, "Is there anything you can recommend to reduce the effect of temp shifts on my EV". Or is the sollution not mechanical but rather awareness of atmospheric conditions?

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