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Hi Ralph,

I managed to pick one of these rifles up at a good price. A few things to consider from my experience are:

Take time to make the rifle fit you with all the adjustments that are available. I kept on tinkering with mine for ages as there is so much that can be altered.

The weight of this rifle and it's length is something that can take time to get used to. I'm convinced only tje sun is heavier. But set up right this rifle is very stable, but its weight and length could seem uncomfortable for standers and kneelers.

Take time to set up the trigger right for yourself, again I played with this for a while to get it right.

research people who service and make extras this rifle that might interest you. Maestro on here is a good person to contact.

overall I'd say, take the time to enjoy this rifle. they are a pleasure to shoot.

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