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Originally Posted by MikeS View Post
Got all the problems with my long barrel 110 tried everything except changing the barrel, rifle was OK when new used the VFG kit but the felts still come out black/grey, used the same kit on my HW100 felts came out black and rusty but eventually came out clean, unlike the LG110 which did not even after two packs of the agressive felts, so now will try barrel change does any one know the barrels sold by Silco fit.
the silco barrels are just a blank Mike .
thats good ,in that you can have them posted direct to you, rather than a rfd.

they are un choked but dont worry about that

the 16mm diameter is perfect for the steyr .
you really only need the breech end machining to fit the steyr ...easy job for any one with a lathe .

the crown on those blanks looks like it's machined but if you look close it needs reworking or at least de burring...i had 2 which were pretty rough . i crowned one and left the other alone for comparison in my album...

that said, even the rough one shoots ok .

happy to help if i can
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