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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
I personally don't think stiffening the barrel will automatically improve accuracy.
By adding weight, changing stiffness, adding or removing barrel supports, what you are effectively doing is changing the natural frequency of the barrel.
I'm not sure, but I think what you're looking to do is to create a node point at the end of the barrel, I.e. Have a point at which the barrel is neither moving up or down, so that the pellet leaves the barrel with no off centre forces acting on it.
That can be achieved by increasing stiffness or by reducing stiffness, adding mass at various points along the barrel, or removing mass, increasing the grounded locations (I.e. Barrel supports) or removing them. It will be different for every barrel.
The only way you'll know for sure is to try it.
By the way, I think a lot of the positive effect of many muzzle flips is the damping characteristics that come from their mass rather than their air stripping ability.
Thanks for the response Saddler.
Yeah, having the node point at the muzzle/crown is regarded as the optimum and is usually achieved with barrel tuners. However, the bofffins also say that stiffening the barrel will reduce the vibrations all along the barrel including at the muzzle/ crown but to a lesser extent than the tuner. It seems to be quite a popular mod in America.
Like you say I think I'll need to try it. My barrel is 14mm od and I already have a carbon sleeve which is 18mm od x 16mm id. So I've ordered a 16mm od x 14mm id which should be a tight fit between the barrel and the shroud. I'll try this with just a friction fit and see if it offers any improvement. If it does I'll then need to decide if I'm gonna bond it on with epoxy for additional stiffness.
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