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Thumbs up Lithuania Day3 Updates

Day 3 Tweets from Leanne as they come in (oldest at bottom):

That's it again for another year, I'll be signing off now. Lithuania have out some themselves with a brilliant shoot.
See you in Portugal.

Official scores are up
Wales, England 1st and 2nd teams

It's official - Congrats Stephen Privett on winning the Springer Title

Just reported that Dorrian Falconer is 5th

Just confirmed, Richard Beaugie won the Veteran event

I think Guido actually only put in a 42 today which will put Rich B in first for veteran

Believe that Wales have taken the Team event

I think Rich B could be in a shoot off for 1st in veteran against the Belgian

Matt Hurst 48
Richard Beaugie 45
Simon Evans 45
Jack Harris 47
John Costello 46
Siman Ayres 47
Justin Wood 47
Andy Calpin 49

Please wait for official scores, it has on a very rare occasion happened that I've been wrong

UNCONFIRMED 1st Sergey, 2nd little Jack by 1, 3rd Ian T by 1, 4th Berty by 2

Get in!!
Privetts took 1st by 3 shots in the Springer class
Matt USA 2nd and Aleksas 3rd.hopefully no other lower than -5 score

Little J -3

Think the Russians took it he's still in -2 and that put him 1 shot in the lead at last count

It's all change for the ladies.
Anna is finishing strong in a -4
Lauren is on -10 and Paula is on -13!

The last few PCP shots are positional so it all could change

It's all getting a but stressful so I'm leaving them to their last few shots, I'll grab their last scores as they leave the line

Getting serious now, Sergey is ahead by 1 then Little Jack, followed closely by Berty and Ian T in joint 3rd only 3 points in it though

Alexander Siegler -2/42 (German)
Jack Harris -3/42
Sergey Zubenko -2/42 (Russia)
Ian Taylor -3/42
Berty Bassett -3/42
Paul Plaunce -2/42 (USA)
Dorrian Falconer -4/42

Marshall have been photographing the shooters as they're taking shots (kneeling) as 'proof' of incorrect position. Very off putting it's been

According to my maths, that puts Privett in joint second with Matt and only 1 point off the lead

Paula's bombing out on a -8
Laurens on -4 and Anna on -2.
That puts Lauren still in the lead but only by 1

Springer update:
Steve Privett -4
Alexis Jaunius -11 (Lith)
Matt Bracknett -9 (USA)

Evidently it's all to do with the angle of your back door, it has to be vertical to the ground??
Lots of people have had points deducted for various things, the main one is incorrect KNEELING position!

Just been told off, evidently showing the scores is 'assisting'!!

Simon Ayres -1/24
Lauren Parsons -2/24 (S Africa)
John Costello -2/24
Rich Beaugie -3/24
Andy Calpin Clear
Brian Sampson -6/24
Simon Evans -2/28
Dorrian Falconer -3/28
Mark Basset -2/28
Ian Taylor -2/28
Sergy Zubenko -2/28 (Russian)
Craig McDonald -3/28
Jack Harris -3/28

If I've missed people off its because they're either taking a shot don't want to keep track.

Latest report has it all square between Jack and the Russian .... Come on Jack, you can do it

Just under half way now

Lauren (SA) is 1 down, Paula (UK) is 2 down

The Welsh boys are a couple down the Russian 1 down so far

Tension seems quite high, lots of swearing going off!

Clear and bright again today but there's a lazy, sneaky breeze filtering through that's catching people out

3 lanes in and the top 5 pcp are all clear

Here we go then, last day and reports will flow from our Shooting Star Twitterist ... Thanks Leanne!
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