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One minute cock o hoop, next you're a feather duster.
3 after 24, dropped 10 in next 16. Temp went from 20 to 26 in the shade and the half kill high shots I had on the plinking range at 18 degrees and dialled out stopped going high so I was falling out of the kill. Tricky wind with very subtle wind that saw you inside kill but you had to be on the right side. That and battered targets had me not seeing the misses. Saw it on a 45 yd that only 3 people missed. Made it 4. Dropped back on the numbers I has at Area 51 in the sun in Tuesday. Cleared last 14.

Me 37
Mr Privett 36
Mr Murphy 32
Mr Thornycroft 31
Mr Samson 31 possibly

Micks butt fell out 12
Out of the stock that is.

Top springer I've heard is 42 from the American team. Linus 38.

So thems the rabbits and tomorrow we're the dogs.

Cannot fault the effort a 44 man country has gone to put this on. It's something else.
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