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Default Lithuania - Updates from First Day

Report Tweets from Leanne as they come in (oldest at bottom):

Final (UNOFFICIAL) Scores so far (Day 1):
Little Jack 49
Ian Taylor 48
Berty Bassett 38
Simon Evans 47
Doz 46
Rich Beaugie 44
Andy Calpin 44
Craig McDonald 44
John Costello 43
Simon Ayres 43
Matt Hurst 43
Paul Davis 43
Mark Stenton 43
Paula Schofield 42
Justin Wood 42
Dave Robinson 41
Steve Grimshaw 41
Dave Penman 39
Craig Corbett 39
Dave Schofield 38
Steve Privett 36
Linus 38
Rob Farnworth 37
Kev yee 34
Nick Murphy 32
Brian Samson 31
Neil Thorneycroft 31
Lyndeen 24

Last I heard, the following were down by:
Berty Bassett 2
Justin Wood 5
Calps 6
Matthew Hurst 6
Dave Gage 16

S Africa Reghardt finished on -11

S Africa Gerhard S -9, Lauren -10, Still with a couple of lanes to go

S Africa Henri Brink -11, Gerhard G -9, Couple of lanes to go

Last few shots about to be taken so I'll grab as many final scores as I can as they walk out

Calps is 5 down

Sergio is 6 down bout halfway round

Little Jack is 1 down 32 shots gone

Costello's got his usual followers (taking photos) and is 4 down

Calps is like the course ninja, I can't bloody find him !!

Simon Ayres is 4 down after 24. Borrowed cylinder has sorted him out, thanks to the Turkish guy for his kindness

Berty is 2 down after 26 shots

Steve Grimshaw has 3 missed after 25 shots! Also had 1 warning and 1 telling off

Rob Farnsworth is 3 down after 20 shots

Balls, Bri & co are 7 down after 20 shots

Bri's 7 down after 20 lanes. As is Linus (lith) and Kevin (USA) all Springer shooters

Marshal tried to interfere with Lauren from SA's gun due to bolt not being open when gun not in use!!

Marshall tried to knock a point of another guy for his barrel being 1/2 an inch short of the line! Little Jack argued it down to a warning

A guy from France has had 2 marks knocked off for incorrect kneeling position!!

Simon Ayres gun' got a leak, he's managed to lend another cylinder, it's cost him a couple of shots though

Marshall's are being slightly over zealous but at least targets are going down and things are running smoothly

Green and yellow are off to a similar start as red

Not of a shaky start for everyone in the Red course

Bri's scope took a knock on its way over, knocked it out 145 clicks. Long day yesterday removing packing and sorting

Everyone's in position, waiting for the whistle. Got to say the Lithuaniams have done an excellent job on organisation
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