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Hi if you want a rifle that is easy to shoot UN fussy barrel and great trigger 500 to 750 for the 2002 need some mods ie floating barrel and a bridge a cross the two parts of the action.I would also recommend a Jon Harris's scope rail which fits onto the front section of the action only.This rifle is just as accurate as the 8002 but if you get a 8002 with the stabilizer it makes it smoother to shoot,but beware the small hook that holds the stabilizer in place has been known to brake.This rifle also needs similar mods to the 2002'Most of these guns have already had some upgrades done by Dave welham or Jon harris.probably looking to pay 950 to 1450 for the 8002 depending on weather it has the original laminate stock,a nice wooden stock or an alloy stock.good luck finding one.
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