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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Just to clarify, David Alsup the American guest did shoot 40 ex 40 at castle. Mega!
However, the three American's shot as VIP guests and did not present a card to stats after shooting had finished. Instead David wanted to keep his card as a souvenir of the day.
Therefore, top score at stats was 39 ex 40. So percentages will be calculated off this score.
Hope this clarify's.
Additionally, all scores submitted by Mfta shooters that were omitted on Sunday will also be added to Summer league table.
Ah cool, I wasn't challenging the scores Gilly I was chatting to our US visitors and they told me that David had cleared the course at Castle, just making sure they weren't pulling my leg

Mind you, I watched Paul Plauche shoot a 48 on the Redfearns GP7 course yesterday as well (well it could have been a 48 if he hadn't shot the two standers in the bowl out of order).

Some mega shooting from the US lads, something tells me the title is going to be hotly contested in Lithuania.
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