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Originally Posted by Lee67 View Post
Mines spot on at 45 yards......simon do u fancy fitting me a longer cylinder...high shot count would be ideal, plus it would suit the shroud better
Hi Lee, as you can see mine has a different reg in it, I used this gun (serial number 1) for some reg development work for BSA. The reg in it is the first example of a different design. It has a 425mm tube on it, yours with the longer std reg and a Hubb shroud would be best with a 325mm tube. Yours now has a 250mm tube in front of the reg so it would grow 3". When you consider that at least 50mm of the tube is lost to the intrusion of the reg at one end and the fill port at the other your 250mm tube has an available space of 200mm, the 325 tube would have an available space of 275mm so the extra 3" would give about 37% more shots, well worth doing and i think the balance and looks are improved too.
Somebody linked to where you can buy the 325mm tube in the other Goldstar thread and fitting it is as simple as shooting it completely empty then screwing one off and one on.
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