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Default Cock up by me

Sorry to all concerned
These are the correct placing
A Grade
1. S Francis
2. D Killen
3. N Murphy
4. P James
5. K Sayer

B Grade
1. C Davis
2. A Purseglove
3. M Burrows
4. N Leeming
5. S Swift

C Grade
1. K Hassall
2. I Phillips
3. R Howes
4. B Selvey
5. G Bates

Piston Grade
1. R Long
2. M Brewitt no count back
3. N Thorneycroft
4. R Dyson
5. J Amos

But in my defence [IT] was not my strong point
Daystate ftr/zelier 6x24x44
Hammerli / leup comp 40x with a jon harris cylinder and a mick tromans brake

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