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Originally Posted by cloverleaf View Post
Good work - how are you finding the HFT so far? I'd have one in the blink of an eye if they did a proper LH version; as it stands I'm looking at buliding my own bolt-action alternative from bits..

FWIW if I have problems with the standard (6x1mm) O-ring escaping I fit a 5x1.5mm alternative which gives 0.5mm more compression without increasing the OD. Potentially an easlier and cheaper way of addressing the problem the UK Neil part is designed to sort
Cheers cloverleaf, I`m very happy with the HFT up to now, I only had time yesterday to shoot the 70 shots, looking forward to trying it on the range, It`s the first PCP iv`e stripped and serviced, just happy that it didn`t leak or dump all the air
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