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Originally Posted by stryder5 View Post
If you are looking at using a stripper you have , remember that the HW barrel has longer muzzle thread.
Ta - duely noted!

Originally Posted by frank View Post
Hi Cloverleaf,
Just out of interest what size grouping would you be expecting to see at 35 yards,You say you have a 14.6mm diam 10 shot group with your best pellet, This equates to 3/4 the size of a 5 pence piece and most would find this acceptable,I would be interested in the responce you get from the distributor, As i stated i get almost a one hole group at 30 yards if i am on form ,Many times i get similar size groups to you so maybe
i am not setting my sights high enough,By the way if you sell the gun on what price would you be asking
At 35yd over 10 shots in ideal conditions I consider anything less than 1/2" / 13mm c-c "acceptable", sub-10mm very good and anything smaller outstanding.

A 5p is 18mm in diameter, so for a group to be completely covered it will be no more than (18-4.5mm)=13.5mm centre to centre (in .177).

Here's an image of the groups I got when testing various JSB pellets under the above conditions. All groups are 10 shot, four examples of each for each pellet type. Don't know what you think but I reckon this is very poor for an 800 gun:

By comparison my AA guns will consistantly print tighter, better-distributed groups - for example below are a couple of groups from my aged S410, shot with an absolutely filthy barrel. These were two groups (admittedly with pellets the gun likes) straight off (not selected for any reason) - note that both are better than any of the twelve groups shot with the '100 above.

This was with the barrel filthy (noticeable lead build-up at the ends of the rifling lands at the crown - note not in the same place nor caused by burrs as in the case of the HW100); after a clean I'd expect the AA to do better; maybe 9-11mm c-c.

Here's a single group (again non-selected) I shot recently at the same range with a pretty-much standard S400F (a rifle that costs a little over half what an HW100 does); 10 shots with AA Express going into (IIRC) 9-10mm c-c:

This gun will even put hollow point pellets (H&N Terminators) into a group of comparable size to the best the HW100 can manage with the premium domed offerings (around 14.5mm c-c):

Finally here's a 35yd 10-shot group with Express pellets shot with my MPR -barrelled parts-bin rifle at around 7-8mm c-c IIRC:

While I'm always open to suggestion and reasoning, based on the above I don't think I'm expecting too much from the HW100 - considering it's significantly out-shot both by a near-15yr old example of a cheaper competitor and a gun that costs only a little over half as much (plus countless other rifles I own / have owned in the past).

In addition I'm very concerned by the state of the barrel; both in terms of the rifling looking like it's been ploughed usiing an ox and cart and the crown which looks like it's been finished with a butter knife. I don't think the barrel finish and accuracy problems are unrelated..

The distributors are aware of the problem, have been accomodating so far and I'm awaiting a response. Tbh I don't hold out too much hope though - my gut tells me all HW100 barrels are like this to an extent and I'll probably just get fobbed off and end up selling the gun at a fair loss. As a sad indictment of the airgun industry, it would be far from the first time I'd have had to have cut my losses in such a way

I bought the gun for its technical merits but tbh it leaves me absolutely cold and I've hardly used it in the time I've owned it. It would have to turn into an absolute tack-driver to persuade me to keep it, so I suspect it'll be going one way or another. I'm not sure about price; of course this will depend on how capable the gun is when I come to sell it. Tbh I'm half-tempted to break it and flog it piecemeal on ebay..

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