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I have never felt the need to use the foil method to establish the actual scope height. The way I have gathered the data to input into CG is to place targets with a single cross on at all the distances, eg 8,10,13,15,20,25,35,40 and 45y, with the gun zero'd at 45y I shoot a 3 shot group on all of the targets on the crosshair, I can then measure the poi from crosshair in mm at each distance. With this info I can then create a trajectory in CG that passes through all these points by juggling the velocity, bc and scope height. once that is done I can play with various zero distances, reticles and scope mag to find a setup that suits the way I like to shoot.

CG is a great tool, and yes the std settings will be close ish but the more accurate the data you input the more it can help you.
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