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Default Gc2

The GC2 is or was made by sportsmatch , who make the mounts . they made around the 400 mark of them . also they made a bull pup version called a Scimitar . only made 15 of those ??? HOLLY

PS the GC part is the name of the fella who invented it . Gearald Cardew . the MK1 is non power adjustable and sells around 500 . the MK11 is power adjustable but quite hard to cock for the first ten shots ( unless the MK111 bleed valve fitted ) from 600 to 700 . the MK111 on some had the polygon barrel and if so it can be really pellet fussy . around the 700 ish price . these are private prices , not those thieving gits from the shops . MAKE SURE THEY HAVE BEEN SERVICED , cos otherwise they couild cost you quite a bit to service . SCR service em at a standard charge of 150 plus parts . BUT if you want the best . then go to Paul at sportsmatch . think about this there are only three rifles that were designed ( mass production ) to shoot FT with in all weathers . the NJR , the Rippley and the GC2 . the rest are ten meter rifles . get those buggers wet and see what happens. my old 113 MK11 will hold groups with anything . GET ONE .
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