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[QUOTE=dnic;206606]1.Thomas Ellis
2. Grego Hensman
3. Dave Smith
5.Wayne Marriott
6.Kathy Thompson
7.Mark Thompson
8.Kevin Gaunt
9.Pete Richmond
10.Ross O'Brien
11.Ross Young
12.Elliott Compton
13.Harry Compton
14.Rob Bates
15.Joanne Thopre
16.Mark Carter
17.Bert Tate*
18.Gordon Burns
19.Marcus Munton
20.Levi Hawthorn
21.Neil Tatton
22.Jamie Jackson
23.Lee Ellis
24.Simon Hilton
25.Steve Elkington
26.Bruce Marshall
27.Andrea Marshall
28.Anthony Marshall
29.Jess Ellis
30.Katy Ellis
31.Simon Howarth
32.Mick Mctighe
33.Steve Handby
34.Nigel Smith
35.Mick Fern
36.john ferrier
37.Steve Watson
38. Simon Minney
39.Clive Evans
40.Andy Dickson
41. Chris Pantling
42. Sarah Pantling
43. Jacob Pantling
44. Gavin Howling
45. James Howling
46. Matt Rawlings
47. Becky Rawlings
48. Wayne Pearce
49. Andy Jones
50. Mike Everson
51. Roger Lait
52.Nick Yates
53. Matt Furlong
54. Dave Whiteside
55.Ash Bailey
56.Kieran Spicer
57.Iain Spicer
58.simon jones
59. Gordon Smith
60. Joanne Cogger

Reserve list
1. Greg Hensman
2. David Nicholls
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