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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
With the Walther, when the o-ring was shot, it appeared to send shots somewhat wide left-right. I say appeared because it was a dead calm (smoke from a ciggie tumbling vertical) day and i was getting over 40mm left and right at 55. So I changed the o-ring and it appeared to be ok.

Appeared. Never proved it.

It's a tiny amount on the walther but the cocking mechanism puts pressure on the left hand side of the probe, which the o-ring takes up slack of and seals. I'd never have thought it would have the effect it appeared to have, but after that, it got changed regularly.

I haven't read all the words, but the other issue is cant & parallax error.
Interesting.. maybe there's potential for the probe to apply a lateral / radial load to the pellet if the O-ring is on it's way out (and allowing more movement than usual) however I'd expect this to result in larger groups rather than a consistent POI shift..

While I'm always open to constructive criticism and wary of trotting out "do you know how long I've been shooting..." or similar lines, I really don't think this is down to user error.

Originally Posted by stryder5 View Post
Haven't noted on any above, are we talking polygonal barrel or std rifling?
HW's standard rifling so 12 "conventional" lands and grooves with a fair radius at their root and 1:400mm twist IIRC. Below is a shot of the old barrel in it's received state, after maybe 200 rounds.. posting to illustrate the form of the rifling more than anything - try to resist reaching for they eye bleach when you see the state of the crown

(If there's no image try refreshing the page as Photobucket seems to be on the blink atm)

Originally Posted by Mark T View Post
My wife and I have had four hw's between us and and three of them have been absolutely fine , the last one ( a carbine sporter stock ) wouldn't group though , worse than yours at 30 yards . Kibworth gun shop sent it back to Hull cartridge , and when it came back it was fine . I don't know what they did but if I had to guess I would say they probably tweeked the reg pressure or did something to the hammer.
Thanks - this seems to be the way. Most state their guns are great, but you do stumble across the odd tale of those that are absolutely abysmal. Do you know if the barrel was changed? I'd question whether altering the air delivery system would have such a profound effect on accuracy..

Originally Posted by Mark T View Post
Forgot to say we hardly ever clean the barrels , just put a few felts through every now and again.
Quite the opposite to my own experiences!

Originally Posted by mpr View Post
Had one loved it.a22
Pellet on pellet. 7yrs ago.tried 177 last month. Pellet on pellet. Love them.but I shoot a walther
Pellet on pellet (#) ;;
Lucky you

Originally Posted by tassypoohs View Post
I have a HW100 in 177 and improved accuracy significantly by:
1. Free floating the barrel, you can do this simply by removing the rubber ring on the inside of the A frame.
2. Putting a rowan engineering air splitter on the front of the barrel. Play around with the insert to fine tune the accuracy. Start with around 4mm in front of the body of the splitter

Accuracy at 45 yds improved from 40mm to 15mm.
I did the same with my Steyr LG100 and got similar results.

Good luck.
Thanks - my barrel is already floated in the way you describe. I hadn't considered trying a stripper; conveniently I do happen to have a 1/2" Rowan item lying about, so may well give it a go if I can bring myself to touch the rifle again for reason other than to box it up to send it on to it's next victim
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