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Had my FTP for 8 months now and have used almost every day in that time.
My observations are:

To be used as designed, i.e. a target rifle, the AT has to go as you can't compete unless you can tune the gun to the pellet. For instance from the shop my rifle was set at 725fps with 8.4's, which is 50fps down on where I wanted it. Not only that the variation across a chrono was +/- 25fps which is totally useless for a target rifle.
Now it is sorted an average 3 shot string will be within 1-2fps with two of them being duplicates.

On my rifle the 8 clamp/shroud was causing POI shift problems to the point that during a shoot I was having to dial in windage as the cylinder emptied. Now sorted by declamping and letting everything hang free.

The trigger is good, but takes care to set up right; it's taken me months of small tweaking to get it close to how I liked my Anschutz trigger.

Finally the styling is nice but fundamentally it's no more advanced than a Pro-Target or even RN10 from 20 years ago.

I'm lucky, I haven't had the horror stories of leaky cylinders etc, but even so this rifle has taken me the longest to sort of any I've owned in 30 years of FT.
All my Anschutz's have just worked from the off and taken minimal tweaking, but then the FTP is a grand cheaper than a 9003 so you pays your money...
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