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Originally Posted by cloverleaf View Post
Thanks for the replies guys

For once I was really only after a few experiences to compare to my own, but I appreciate all the suggestions. As POI mentions I have a thread over on AGF detailing my experiences with this rifle (and a few others) up to a point - I've now replaced the barrel and accuracy is just as poor, however I'm in the process of speaking to the distributors so will hold my tongue on current proceedings until the they've had a chance to have their say.

Thanks - sounds like the exact opposite to mine, pellet sensitivity notwithstanding. I've tried a good range of quality pellets through it (most JSB offerings plus H&N, RWS, Bisley...) and it's pretty consistently poor across all of them.

The best pellets through the current barrel are 10.34gn Daystate FT Heavies (JSB Exact Heavies), which over 4x10 shot groups averaged 14.6mm c-c @ 35yd, which I don't think is at all clever.

Tbh given the abysmal quality of the crown and finish of the bore, I think I'm wasting my time with whatever pellets I test.

Thanks Oz - sorry to hear that you've been incapacitated and I very much appreciate your generous offer

Really though I'm past caring with this rifle; I already know what a decent PCP should achieve (and this isn't it) and just want to get the rifle grouping acceptably so that I can move it on in good conscience, as I've absolutely had enough of it..

Thanks for the suggestion - while Air Arms Express ('13 vintage!) are the default pellet for most of my guns, the '100 really doesn't care for them (an average of nearly 18mm c-c over 10 shots at 35yd).

Thanks for the thought - the gun has had a number of different scopes fitted and has been consistently poor with all of them. I'm currently using an EB 6-24x42 and while I can't say 100% that the PX was bang on, it's been mounted on other guns with no problems and even if I was a little out, I doubt it would account for some of the massive groups I've been getting..

If / when I test the gun again I'll get it in a rest and move my head around while viewing the target to ensure there's no PX error, though!

Thanks and good for you

Yes, I'm no fan of the stock either.. buying it was definitely a "head over heart" decision for me; one that the head is now regretting! I've tried FTTs and Sniper Mediums through the latest barrel; giving average c-c groups of around 16 and 18mm respectively at 35yd.

I agree about the technical side of the gun (basically the reason I bought one) - they're great to work on and set up, well thought-out, have an excellent trigger.. means sod all if it feels like shouldering a cricket bat and you can't hit a barn door with it though!

Thanks - can't complain with group sizes like that - especially from a .22. Sounds like you got a good one. I wouldn't mind cleaning either, but the gun's performance is pretty poor when clean!

Thanks for taking the time to write all that - it all sounds very familiar!

I agree totally about the barrel quality being the apparent issue, and have done much the same as you as regards tweaks (polished, non-AT striker, floating barrel in retained band, tested with and without mod).

I agree about the stock to action fit too (although am still using the original stock) - very poor in my experience!

I'm glad to hear the gun is grouping better now, although I can't think of any rational explanation for the POI shift, though. I appreciate the point about the pellet probe, however I'm not sure how valid this might be. That said, if you watch the probe from the top as you push the lever home there's certainly some lateral play / movement - perhaps this might be causing an issue?

I too have considered lapping the barrel; tbh as far as I'm concerned the old one is as good as scrap, so I might have a crack at some point. Were I in your position and keeping the gun I'd simply be inclined to swap the barrel for a better quality item (the cost of the barrels says a lot IMO - about 2/3 the price of an MPR item and 1/4 the price of a Steyr tube).

Thanks again for your input and good luck getting it sorted. Keep us informed

Genuinely raised a chuckle, that

So, there we are - thanks again for all the replies. I won't knowingly sell someone a turkey so I'm seriously weighing up how much I'll get back if I break the POS and flog it piecemeal on ebay
Haven't noted on any above, are we talking polygonal barrel or std rifling?
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