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Originally Posted by mr dink View Post
The guy doing the commentary talked about indoor and outdoor ,what is shot outdoor Rob?
Air, as in 10m pistol and rifle is shot indoor.

The .22LR rimfire stuff (50m prone and 50m 3 positions) is shot outdoor mostly, but the finals can be indoors. The ranges these days may look very indoors due to the way they are dressed but the tell tale sign is to look for the wind flags.

As Neil says, it's very addictive, and although hitting a 10 isn't that hard, hitting 60 on the trot, then another 20 to take a medal, is. These days they use decimal scoring so each number like a 10 actually is scored from 10.0 - 10.9

On average the 10m rifle shooters, men and women (who shoot 40 shots before qualifying, instead of 60 as per the men) are shooting 10.4

the '10' in rifle is a 0.5mm dot at 10m. If your pellet touches it, it's a 10... so effectively with 4.5mm pellet its like a 9mm kill at 10m that doesn't allow any splits, so you are looking at 5mm centre to centre. A 10.4 is about 1/2 that, so it's 2.5mm centre to centre. That's what the top boys and girls are averaging under shoot-off conditions.

Many think that the clothing, the indoor nature etc makes it easy. All i'll say is go and have a bash at it. It's a very purist pursuit of repeating a good shot. And on paper there is no where to hide. It's all about discipline, at the top end, to an extremely deep degree.

Interestingly enough we've had some people move from FT to 10m and do very well. James Huckle who competed at the Olympic games was into FT & HFT. Richard Chasemore who is at the England Academy and Commonwealth Dev Squad did FT & HFT. Jemma Toms is picking up gongs seemingly every week at the Junior level shot FT. There's probably more and more i've forgotten.
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