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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
I imported a new rifle last week, I checked Buinger amongst others but they have just put their shipping costs to the uk up to 125 Euro!!!

Strangest part about the whole experience, Parcel force delivered it! You couldn't make it up!
That all been paying 189 Euro for years.
Theres a damn site more couriers who do not carry 'weapons' but honour the foreign sender request and know exactly what they are carrying.

Theres also a substantial drop in the Euro this year generally 230 on a 1980 rifle, bare in mind buying from a foreign shop at full whack they are making money. That's several hundred cheaper than UK trade price delivered and around 700 cheaper than a UK shop giving a good price.

Know of 8 Steyr Challenge FT that supposedly don't exist all legit.

Me Adam last year also my shooting partner for a day, he is a reputable dealer but have had no dealings though many have had good service.
I would check the order!
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