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Please have a look through a few scopes and ideally shoot a few courses with a second hand one before you decide you need millions of dots/half dots/lines to get millions of aim points for HFT.

You really don't need millions of aim points. It's not a rocket science sport.

Your ability to range, judge wind and be able to shoot accurately will greatly outweigh having millions of aim points.

Sometime all those dots and half dots and lines can make it too easy for you to use the wrong aim point. Some peope find all the lines and dots confuse the image.

One of the best bits of advice you can receive in HFT is take on board other people's comments but find out what suits you. Everyone is an expert and even what might suit the World Champ won't suit you. Find your own way. Even when you are going around a course you will hear guys who have shot it for years commenting on the range of the target they have just shot on the lane in front of you. You'll hear them convincing their partners and themselves that they definitely knew the right range. So when you look at that target you think it's actually something else but you must be wrong ... because they must be right ... and they look and sound like they know what they are talking about. Try looking at their scorecards at the end of the day. The ones with the best scores tend not to waffle too much ... they just knock targets down. You were probably right on the distance and they were wrong. I missed so many targets in the early days listening to around course gossip and trusting their judgement instead of mine.

Take on advice from the top shooters if you can. Try looking through plenty of different scopes before you buy. Find what works for you and develop it.

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