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Thumbs down Benke Sport

I ordered two from Adam Benke of Benke Sport in Germany several months ago.

Adam was initially very accommodating and to start with everything went smoothly; however upon arrival it was discovered that one gun had damage to the exterior of the barrel and a cracked gauge.

Both were supplied with 7.5J ports fitted and 16J ports included (me being told that upping the energy was just a case of swapping the ports) however this turned out not to be the case as the reg pressures are evidently different too - I could only get around 10ftlb max at the current setting with the 16J port fitted.

I contacted Adam ASAP who was initially apologetic, however (I think after having been spoken to by Steyr about export) immediately ceased all communications and I haven't heard from him since.

So no, I absolutely would not endorse Benke Sport, and would strongly advise that you take your business elsewhere..
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