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OK, I've updated the sheets and still included the sheets with no scores dropped and without influence of top shooter just for fun. I've always kept sheets like this so I know exactly what I'm shooting off rather than hoping Our Kes or Gilly miss a few so I get extra % at NEFTA & MFTA Shoots. I've also included a sheet with everyones scores on so you can see where you came against the other 254 shooters.

Well done to Gav, Neil, Pops, Glen and Jason that was one hell of a battle for C grade with some amazing scores and hard work gone in. Respect due.

I've been battling with Mike for two years now for a final position and both of us missed out, myself by two targets and Mike by 3 across the 5. Mike you asked me what does it take to win C, well mate you have to shoot like 20th in AA Grade

Although I didn't get what I wanted [5th] (sing that in a Morrissey voice) I did manage to get what I really wanted and that was to work my way out of C grade. So I'm pleased with that and you know what, I'm never going back down to C again, if you drop back down to C Grade and take trophies off people that are battling to improve you need to have a word with yourself.

That's said, I really enjoyed the battle and banter between us all and it's great for the sport that so many C Graders are taking part now, brilliant.

BFTA lets see the top 10 C graders get trophies like all the other grades at the end, it would mean a lot to anyone battling and travelling.

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