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Default Furnace Mill Rose-Bowl No 7. 9/7/15

A lovely morning up the Mill today and blessed with some fine weather. So much better than had we shot it two weeks ago in the rain. Even in the dry some lanes required crampons to stop you slipping down the bank. Once again its nice to see the travellers coming to shoot and hopefully enjoying themselves and we are grateful for their support.

An in form Mick Fern took top honours but must be kicking himself for shooting a target that was down; nevertheless, great shooting Mick. Its nice to report not a single stoppage today so thanks to all the marshals and those who helped with the course.

Next shoot is in two weeks so well be on the old course for that one; hope to see you there. All scores on count-back.

28 Bonus Bunny Ryan Ashman

Mick Fern. 56. Steyr. Nightforce
Mick Boswell. 54. MKIV. MTC Connect
Dan McMahon. 54. MPR. Viper
Tony Male. 54. Steyr. Vortex
Ken Pothecary. 53. HFT500. Vortex
Stuart James. 53. MPR. Viper
Karl Guest. 53. TM1000. Vortex
Jason Bressington. 51. LG300. EB Sniper
Matt Taylor. 53. HW101. Lightstream
Gra Cole. 51. FTP900. Vortex
Darrin Lynn. 50. Steyr. Vortex
Chris Cheyne. 50. HW100. Nite-Eye
Matt Hipkiss. 50. AAS400. Panorama
Mik Monaghan 49. EV2. Rhino
Steve Watson. 49. Steyr. MTC Connect
Nigel Smith. 48. Steyr. MTC Connect
Phil Tombs. 48. FTP900. Panorama
Chris Pritchard. 47. FTP900. EB Sniper
Ryan Ashman. 47. R-10. Falcon
Garry Duggins. 47. EV2. Bushnell
Stuart Hall. 47. Ultra. Hawke
Jamie Bennett. 47. HFT500. Viper
Geoff Jones. 46. Ripley. Airmax
Matt Pritchard. 44. HFT500. MTC Connect
Harry Hewett. 43. Ultra. Hawke
Rob Lamerton. 42. HW97. Leupold
Tim Shipp. 39. Steyr. Rhino
Mark Upton. 13. Lightning. Bushnell
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