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Originally Posted by monty19 View Post
been reading up on hft and im wondering how important is it to have ao on your scope,can a scope without ao cut it in hft ? ive never shot hft and ive lots to learn, so over to the experts
No you dont need AO but, whatever you buy you must be able to adjust the PX distance when initially setting it up, even if it doesn't have AO or side focus, so it depends on the scope you buy. If you are looking at small objective Burris scopes then its not too critical to have AO as long as you can move the lens,as they are fairly clear at distance anyway. if you are thinking about the Hawke range you might be better paying the slight amount of extra to get AO as there is only 10-15 difference.

Some are easily adjusted on the front lens, others not so easy. Most fixed PX hawkes can be moved with a gentle warming and working back and forwards to free the lens and glue, others move very easily, some makes are not so easy.

What scope are you thinking about? as someone will have had a go at moving most fixed focus scopes on here for advice.

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