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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
To go and compete at a worlds do you have to be in the effa team ?
When the worlds are in England will there be only 8 English shooters?
Answer to both questions is neither.

To date, since I've been involved in that element of the organisation, there's not been one person to my knowledge that has wanted to go and we've not been able to get a place for. That's far been outweighed by the amount of people who have relinquished their place for reasons other than medical or serious family emergency, even after the EFTA has gone to great efforts to secure additional places.

The ranking system was set up because we don't know how many places we will get. So when we do get offered places, sometime before the national season starts in 2016, we'll have a list of people we can contact and ask if they want to go.

I'm sure if the event can get all the help it requires then we should be able to make room for a significant amount of English shooters to attend. There will likely be the issue of limited places to wrestle, but i'm sure we would be keen to repay the huge compliment the other hosts of the worlds so far have paid to the EFTA by allowing far more places to us than any other country, often turning down their own countrymen to allow us to attend.

At the moment, Portugal are looking at solutions for 390. Germany had 300. I believe realistically 400 is about the limit which ever way it's approached. Portugal have a few options but are relying on 12 hours of shooting daylight to allow sessions. My personal thinking is 4 days of 4 courses, 4 per lane. Lithuania is currently looking at about 220 shooters, so it remains to be seen perhaps after Portugal what the actual demand is and what solution presents itself best for the format and for the amount of people to attend.
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