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If you need an answer ask your ARRSE:
Courtesy of Gun_Nut from ARRSE

"Flip is not what you describe.
In any rifle, the shock of firing causes the barrel to vibrate like a tuning fork. If the pellet exits the barrel on an upward motion, this is 'flip' or more accurately 'positive compensation'. If it is going down it is 'negative compensation'. In general, the best accuracy will come when the pellet exits at a 'nodal point' when it is neither moving up or down. Centerfire shooters can do this by adjusting the size of the powder charge. Some benchrest guns also have a 'tuner', which is an adjustable weight on the end of the barrel. In an airgun, the best way is to change pellet weights until you get the least barrel movement at pellet exit.

The air does pass the pellet when it uncorks from the barrel. The best way of ensuring that this has no effect is by ensuring that the crown of the the barrel is perfectly square to the rifling. Some target airguns also have a 'still air brake' which is designed to strip away the turbulent air from the pellet."

Just when I thought it was getting easier...........................................: rolleyes:

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