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Default HFT Masters Greyhound Sat 8th Aug

Session 1 and Only

Ian Bainbridge
Roger Lait
Ray Hampton
Kyle Hampton
Barry Smith
Dominic Taylor
Paul Taylor
Ryan Charlton
Ron Whitney
Paul Wetton
Lee Johnson
Ian Sheppard
Darrin Lynn
Mick Boswell
Mark Stanley
Davy Thomas
Karl Pott
Dave Dabaye
Bert Tate
Mike Evesley
Jim Harney
Matt Brookes
Don Hartness
Lee Hartness
Ry Tombs
Simon Vant
Gert Spoelstra
Giles Tibbitts
Peter knight
Dave Welham
Philip Godwin
Melissa Lewis
Nigel Oram
Richard Blackshire
Dan Measures
Alan Measures
Kevin Turner
Karl Guest
Andy Yates
Graham Cole
Keith Warburton
Paul Burt

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