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[QUOTE=RobF;205747]I don't think anyone really knows for certain. Cleaning seems to be the solution. Why that would be I don't know. I can't see any visual difference between a clean and dirty barrel. At the latter stages mine was actually quite clean... the flecks of metal i saw weren't there and it was barely grubbing up, but it would fly... 1-2 pushes with a VFG felt and it was back on, and would be. It was purely being high maintenance that made me go in search of another barrel...

If you have the time and want to physically see WHY there is a difference in grouping between a clean and a dirty barrel, start with a very clean barrel and shoot 3-4 pellets to the water inside a 10 gallon bucket, I do it in a pool but not everyone has access to a pool where you can shoot a gun…A .22 LR 40 gr. bullet is harmless after penetrating 36 inches of water so don't worry about your pellet gun's penetration, about 16-18 inches is all that it will go before dropping vertically to the bottom...I have seen the trajectory into the water and tested for penetration and as said, they tumble and go straight to the bottom without suffering deformation.

Then after the barrel has seen 50 pellets or so shoot another set of 3-4 pellets and if you can do it after 100 pellets do it as well…Recover, mark and compare all of the pellets…

Look for the changes in how the pellet engraves the grooves and lands as the barrel gets dirty…You will see that maybe 2-3 grooves are not as deep as the rest and so on...Lack of uniformity indicates "interference" in the rifling and this in turn will change the gyroscopic and concentric rotation of the pellet thus its accuracy.

Use a 10-20X magnifier, you don’t really need a microscope...highly polished or lapped barrels if done well DO NOT get enough grime/lead in the rifling for affecting engraving. Other barrels that are rougher will get little particles that will distort the engraving thus the accuracy...I know for sure that Walther, Feinwerkbau, Anschutz and some other companies LAP their barrels...

Do not and I mean DO NOT lap your barrel if you don't know how to do it, you will cause more harm than benefit...Lapping is more complicated than it looks...You need measure the bore at several points, cast a lap, measure the pellets that you will be using, use the right grit lapping compound, etc. You can POLISH your barrel with Flitz or similar polishing compounds watching not to damage the crown (do it from the breech)

I hope this helps ...



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