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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
What is the real reason for the barrel needing to be cleaned every 50shots?
I don't think anyone really knows for certain. Cleaning seems to be the solution. Why that would be I don't know. I can't see any visual difference between a clean and dirty barrel. At the latter stages mine was actually quite clean... the flecks of metal i saw weren't there and it was barely grubbing up, but it would fly... 1-2 pushes with a VFG felt and it was back on, and would be. It was purely being high maintenance that made me go in search of another barrel...

I'm not sure it's just the long ones either. We had one of the very first LG110's ever made here, the short one, and that had issues if not cleaned every shoot. I think that barrel went back. Can't remember.

I know people who've changed, and people who've cleaned and stuck with them. I know some who can only shoot one batch with them, but nothing else. Whatever it is, they seem fussy, and so far my replacement isn't.
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