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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
The Czech barrel is only about 14.7 mm so you have to get it sleeved up to fit the 16mm breach. The Bsa comes at 16 mm so a simple machine job to get it to fit.
You could ask Jon Harris or Mick Trowmen to machine it for you both are excellent engineers.
You could also take a look at chambers Walther barrels , Dave Killen bought one and was very pleased with the results. The new Bsa barrel has a rifled sleeve fitted inside an outer sleeve , not a good choice for the machining needed on a Steyr .
Some old wives tales there! The BSA barrels are all hammer forged from a drilled solid blank, I don't know where this tale of them being sleeved came from?

The ones manufactured to fit into BSA actions are all 15.5mm dia. I believe some of the blanks that have been supplied as BSA blanks were 16mm although I have only ever used the 15.5mm dia ones.

The CZ barrel out of the S200 is 15mm dia with a 25mm length reduced to 13mm dia at the breech end, Mk1 barrels were also reduced to 10mm at the muzzle end to accept the same silencer as the S400, MK2+3 remained a full 15mm dia at the muzzle end to accept a bespoke silencer.

I have measured both the .177 S200 and the .177 BSA barrels at 18.5" twist.
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