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Smile cz barrels

I telephoned CZ UK this morning and they told me they don't do a barrel suitable...

Perhaps they can be sourced elsewhere?

Re a different Steyr barrel I'm not sure about that....not sure about anything in fact...

This rifle shot really well when I first got it and it seems to be not quite as accurate now. The barrel has been cleaned hundreds of times with a pull through and I wonder about the effect that has had...if any..

Unfortunately the rifle has also got wet a few times and it seized up. It went back to Steyr and was fixed with a clean bill of health. However, rust has been found on a few spots that could also be an issue in the mix.

No disrespect to anyone with a different view but I'm tempted to try a different any advice re a CZ or BSA option is greatly appreciated...along with advice about having it machined by someone...
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