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I got fed up with cleaning mine every 50 or so shots... so did some testing with others... first two barrels i tried were Lothar Walther, both were as good as the original, i picked the one that seemed to be slightly better. It's had about 300 shots through it and hasn't budged or spat the dummy. I won't be seriously grilling it till after the worlds, but so far it's looking like it's solved the issue, but then it's only seen 300 shots. I'll be more convinced when I've shot a season without a clean like I can do with a Walther.

It hasn't been recrowned, just machined to fit and a lead-in put in.

We've got some others to play with to see how they perform, but this one is so sweet I can't let go of it. Both my originals were good when clean, although one needed shooting in after a clean for 20 shots, then was good for 20, then went off after another 20... the new one is good 1-2 shots after, but goes off say 70 shots later... no warning, just a subtle shift in POI down and then the fliers come. Clean, it's back to silly tight groups.
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