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Originally Posted by azuaro View Post
Sundance: Please read # 7 in this thread:


That's fine if you have a good barrel that seems to group well and respond to a reasonable cleaning regime,but it seems a lottery as to how Steyr barrels perform regarding cleaning/accuracy.

I know an owner that recently sold his new Steyr due to it losing accuracy after 50 shots and he tried all the usual cleaning methods. The next owner gave up and bought another barrel, so I can fully understand where Sundance is coming from. But, I also think the tighter turns in the Steyr rifling are an advantage if you have a good one.

Luckily my 7 year old Steyr I have just bought seems to have a very good barrel that is quite accurate with most pellets, and after a full tin I have only cleaned it once, and it seems to be holding accuracy well over its first three competitions

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