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"Spectators? How else can we grow the sport? I have already had one of the spectators come to me this morning and offer to host an event on their farm! Others have been in touch this morning to offer catering and wanting information on how to get started in HFT. So a HUGE thank you to all the competitors that took the time to talk to the spectators. I know how hard it is when you are competing and someone is trying to talk to you at the same time."

I thought it was a great idea inviting spectators, and having a dedicated viewing area! I know that it cannot be done at all the venues. As for them to offer to host an event (we'll run out of weekends soon!!) and provide catering, brilliant.

Personally speaking, it was no trouble to chat to any of them as they were obviously very interested in what we were doing, and it was nice to see Jess's friends come and find out what she spends her spare time doing!
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