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Originally Posted by Ash Bailey View Post
Huge congratulations to Theresa and Rudy.

Thanks to the Misfits team, I thoroughly enjoyed that course, it was clear you guys had put a huge amount of work and thought into today. You're all a credit to our sport.

Nice to see spectators too - it's good to promote HFT.

Bob Clay - it was a pleasure shooting with you Sir!

Mick - a pleasure too mate. Good to have caught up with you.

Can we play here again?

Thank you for all the nice comments regarding the venue. The Team of Misfits are a real credit to the sport and we all turned a very wild field into a reasonable course in only a few days. Really was a case of something from nothing.

Spectators? How else can we grow the sport? I have already had one of the spectators come to me this morning and offer to host an event on their farm! Others have been in touch this morning to offer catering and wanting information on how to get started in HFT. So a HUGE thank you to all the competitors that took the time to talk to the spectators. I know how hard it is when you are competing and someone is trying to talk to you at the same time.

We have learned a lot for when we host another competition (hopefully). There will be refreshments available on the course next time ( a silly oversight if I'm honest and we can only apologise for that). A few other minor comments that we can easily fix.

We have had a look at making some of the shots a little more tricky/interesting for next time and hopefully have a little more wind as i saw how much everyone loved that.

I particularly enjoyed watching the helicopter through the car shot as i knew how far it was and hearing the ranges that people were saying they shot it at made me smile. I am sorry but i don't know the chap from Scotland name, who was shooting on the course afterwards, but it was nice to see him go for a look and realise how far it really was.

I must thank everyone that stayed behind to clear the course-it really was done very quickly and to those that stayed for an impromptu bbg by the weir to wind down and relax it was a pleasure to share that field with you all.

Jason, Katy, Thomas and Jess Ellis
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a bit of a theme emerging here......
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