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Originally Posted by simmmo View Post
Big thank you to all the course setters can see even with the help of the farmer you must have had a huge amount of work to do. Enjoyed the course immensely.

Well done to Theresa a true champion clinical shoot off.

Yep the strings that werent pegged down were hard to read but they were the same for everyone.

Well done Misfits look forward to shooting there again.


Nowt to do with the strings pegged down mate , that's a good move for some targets rather that than one being pulled up in someone else kill zone , as said ,really well done course ( for what my opinions worth ) I thought but peg 15 got pulled a few times coz the string broke , a few targets were really difficult to pull up just coz the elasticity, ask Rob B aka black hawk down what he did at the worlds , all of us were on a ceasefire looking at the helicopter for about 10 mins ., Rog got down said the kill zone looked a strange shape pulled 2 yds of elastic back over his head , thought the target was up and proceeded to shoot it straight through the kz , hey presto one doughnut , just a bit of feedback gents, certainly not a complaint , I would never do that , to much hard work and goodwill goes into these club events and everyone enjoys them on that basis ,
Damn good do and superb location, I will look forward to shooting there again as well

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