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Default Ballistics........


Hope you can help me on this.

Just switched from a HW100 carbine .22 to a HW100 FSB full length in .22 - using the same stock and scope, so only the metal work has changed.
The carbine for food, loved the H&N FTT's and didn't miss a beat - accurate and consistent.
The FSB using the same pellet had too many flyers for my liking (all the H&N's were sized but not weighed).

I got a tin of the RWS Superfield, and straight from the tin the consistency and accuracy was excellent - even better once I'd sized the pellets.

To myself, (RWS pellets made by JSB on a seperate die) are 1 grain heavier and are softer than the H&N's - my theory goes like this:

1. The heavier weight aids in a more stable flight? Less flip when leaving the barrel possibly.
2. The softer make-up allows the rifling to engage better, thus enabling a more stable flight?
3. Any other ideas?

I know that each barrel has it's own preferred flavour, but surely there is physics involved? Or is it just a case of accepting what works regardless of the reasons - personally I like to try and understand some of the reasons.....................

Cheers all,

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