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Default Daily update Fri 31st July

Daily update
Please remember this event is not at our usual venue the address is at the top of the page
Hate for some of you to end up at the wrong venue!!

.1.* mike Byford **
2. ** ANDY HOPE**
3.** Gordon Burns**
4.Luke Wells
5.Gary Chillingworth
6.Kathy Thompson
7.Mark Thompson
8.Kev Gaunt
10.** DAVE TAYLOR **
11.** Elliott Compton **
12.Andrea Marshall
13.Bruce Marshall
14.Anthony Marshall
15.Theresa Reed
16.Elliott Reed
17.* bridget Vant*
18.Jean Greatrex
19.Wayne Marriott
20.** Harry Compton**
21.Dave Hunter
22.Ian Hunter
23.Andy Dickson
24.Clive Evans
25.** Mickey Heathcote **
26.**Mick Dakin**
27.** Daz Taylor **
28.Pete Richmond
29.Ruddy Goldslade
30.Mark Carter
31.Andy Jones
32.Geoff Ryder
33.* Ash Bailey*
34. Peter Knight
35.Pete Underwood
36.Dave Whiteside
37.Jason Bressington
38.Gordon Smith
39.**Marcus Munton***
40.Joanne Cogger
41.Ross O'Brienu
42.** Paul Spencer **
43.**Steve Edmundson **
44.* Greg Morrs**
45.** James Hesson **
46.Mike Averill
47.Bill Birch
48.Mitch Birch
49.Kevin Brooks
50.** PHIL TOMBS**
51.John Ferrier
52.Graham Cole
53.Pete Dutton
54.Mick Boswell
55.Mik Monaghan
56.** Joanne Thorpe**
57.Mick Fern
58.** Mick Goodenough
59.** Mark Camoccio
60.**ROB BATES**
61.Kieran Spicer
62.Iain Spicer
63.ken pothecary
64.stuart james
65.dan mcmahon
66.** COLIN Wilson **
67.Perry Broad
68.Nick Yates
70.Steve Watson
71.** Keith Warburton **
72.Mick McTighe
73.Nigel Smith
74.Casey Handby
75.Steve Handby
76.Jess Ellis
77. ** Edd Turrell**
78.Nev Baguley
79. *Vince Holland*
80.Bob Clay
81.Steve Whiting
82.** Chris Hall **
83. ** ANDY SIMPSON **
84.**Ian Howarth**
85.Paul Kelly
86.Helen Kelly
87.ALEX larkin
89.Simon Vant
90.Thomas Ellis

reserve list
Justin Rhone
Katie Ellis

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