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I found when I changed the original trigger set up on the AA400 (which I found felt lighter and somewhat superior had more room for adjustment) to incorporate the adapter kit air arms did which gave a true two stage arrangement with the 'cheese wedge'and sears,the space for adjustment was limited.Some club members modified the wedge to give more adjustment scope!
The original trigger rubber 'washers' were replaced by model shop steel washers rubbed flat on wet and dry! and the main moving parts of the trigger were shimmed and checked with a straight level across the block itself for minimum clearance.I used moly lube on all moving parts.
The trigger was ok and does FT alright but no where as good as my other guns,the 900 being nice and light as is the GC2 and Mk1 Ken Turner springer unit.The spring can imorove with a 'nail' guide but I feel the unit has limitations.
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