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The fact that you have said it's specifically for HFT makes me presume there is a HFT club near enough for you to attend regularly?

It's the same boring advice I'm afraid ...

... go to your local HFT club/shoot and tell them you are just starting and want advice on what scope to buy. There will be several guys all willing to let you look through their scopes.

See which one suits you.

It's trendy, and practical, for people to use small objective scopes now in HFT so that you get more targets in focus ( better depth of field ).

Have a look at the Clearidge Ultra RM 3-9x32 AO scope with Mil Dot ret. Quality glass made in Japan. Smallish objective for good depth. Adjustable AO ( you can't touch that on a HFT course but it's useful for finding your PA setting and also for practising with targets in focus ). Springer rated. Around your budget. Mil dot ret ( not half dot but mil dot will be fine ). Under 12 inches long so shouldn't be a problem for either a break barrel or underlever springer. A decent bit of glass so you won't be needing to upgrade in the near future and you will sell it for decent money if you move on.

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