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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Gotta admit, ive got through 3 sets of sears playing with my 500, same as the 4xx, when I get the weights I want if you pulse the first stage it never resets , seems to me if the two screws were closer together you may suffer a bit of length of stage adjustment but gain a lighter second stage, generally if I get mine where I want it I have to carefully increase the spring tension untill the first stage resets
That's exactly what I find, although I have cured it to a degree by taking up less of the top sear with the first stage, just enough to allow it to reset while using minimal trigger spring preload, although this has a knock on effect of shifting more of the top sear with the second stage obviously making it quite a bit heavier in feel to the first stage...

In an ideal world I would prefer the first stage to be only a little lighter than the second, rather than a very light first to get an acceptable second that I have at the minute..

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