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Originally Posted by holly View Post
I think the only way you will ever get perfect range finding is to have a lazer attached to the scope , powerfull enough to be able to see it and the mil dots in the scope at the same time to judge the distance . but then of course the skill factor of FT is removed , or part of it anyway . personally i think having white or yellow targets does the same thing . a dark target in a dark area is also part of the skill of FT . the ability to think on your feet on these occasions . trying to get a scope that will work in south africa in the summer and england in the winter , well impossible is the answer . the only way to get it to change , is to change the way we do it . we need i think a scope developed just for FT , on the priciple of cameras focussing . but how much that would cost is anybodys guess ??? HOLLY
even top of the range cameras can be out of focus at the ranges we use...
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