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Yes, it was a great course and thoroughly testing.

Mountain Equip over trousers - excellent, quick wash cycle and ready for more
Jack Wolfskin jacket - very good but seems to have channeled water down and into the clicks sheet - permanent ink wasn't and needs re-doing.
Glove - synthetic Anschutz - sodden by the end (as were score cards) - still drying out. I couldn't take the glove off during the course as I knew I would never get it on again.
Glove - trigger hand - soggy Anschutz fingerless but did the job

Pellets - impossible to load with dry fingers and nothing I could dry my hand on - needs some thought.

Feet - dry, boots still drying, should be dry by Weds. or so

Scope - front "sun" shade was fine, lens cap wet but didn't flick water inside when closed unlike eyepiece which was a major pain after about 2/3rds way round. The air blower I normally used just wasn't powerful enough and I never wipe a lens in the field. Eyepiece flip-up seems to have sprayed the lens every time I closed it. Tried a silly Anschutz "Goofy" cap with the flaps which worked for a bit but got really annoying after a while (with hoody and jacket hood) so I reverted to regular cap - should have stayed annoyed in retrospect.

Steyr seems to have dried without visible rust ..... quite why I had to take 1.5MoA off I don't know but the plinking range was possibly the least inviting prospect I have ever declined :-)

So - wet hands, wet pellets and something to keep eyepiece dry. Wearing specs means that the usual "pig's ear" doesn't work and my partner complained of his fogging up anyway.

Probably all because of the warm front changing to a cold (occluded?) front and the mist or was it cloud sweeping up and down the hillside.

Previous Welsh GPs I got sunburn :-)

Many thanks for the company Tony. Does Oaktree want all the leaf litter and dried mud returned (quite a pile of it)? Otherwise I will keep another bit of Wales as a souvenir.

All the best!
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