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Holly, a few of the S&B Mk1 scopes were apparently close to perfect - I, however had 3 that were really, really BAD!!! On some days, I would range an actual 50m measured target at 42m, and some of my fellow "team mates" in the South African Protea team, would also range 42m with my scope - that's a difference of 8m at 50m - or 9 yards at 55 yards difference...

S&B denied and denied for 2 years, until I had a private meeting with Herr Gerlach in Hungary (CEO of S&B and Dr Karen Hesse - his PA at the time, and now head of development), where they "admitted there were major issues" and took all 3 back.... Christian vom Hagen (head of design at the time), told me at IWA in Germany in March 2010 that they had serious issues with the FT scope - a few months later he was FIRED!!!

Then in January 2014 at the SHOT SHOW launch, I had a LONG discussion with Dr Karen Hesse about the new Mk2 - she told me they had a new (VERY YOUNG) guy in product development, and he was busy with his thesis (I guess for either his Masters or Doctorate), and he asked them if he could develop the new Mk2 as part of his thesis - and he was NO FT shooter for that matter - and that's how the MK2 came along....

So if you have a great sample, then I'm happy for you. A lot of the rest WILL most probably be paperweights.... and I'm sure the new Mk2 at a US$4000 "launch price", most probably would be too....

But, that's just MY opinion - you do not have to agree. They (S&B) have become arrogant beyond belief....

Drop the "premier" scope in the long-range world's (S&B PMII) warranty from 30 years to 2 years, and increase the US price on a 5-25x56 PMII RAL8000 version from US$2500 in 2013 to US$4100 in 2015, all in a time that the US$ to EUR was US$1.32/EUR1 and in 2015 it's US$1.09/EUR1. That is a price increase of 85% in 2 years....

I guess, to each his own.... I say no more.
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