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Default SCHMIDT AND BENDER service

Well speak as you find . i have a very early FT S&B . the coating on the rear lens started to come off , for what ever reason . i sent it back to S&B 6 weeks later it was back . new lens . serviced and cleaned as new . cost ? none except the postage and insurance to S&B . this scope came with a good rep from Kilty . in the summer no amount of heat seems to make it change once it gets hot . the winter , well it is no worse than my leupold 20+50 . if it is a paper weight , it is probably the clearest paperweight i have ever looked through ??? HOLLY

PS i have what is the best FT scope i have ever used . a March 60 mag . that changes . i think given the circumstances , they all change .

PSS i think the brightness works against it . i use a chinese e-bay diffuser in mine in the summer . 16 posted .
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