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Thoroughly enjoyed the day at Oaktree despite the somewhat inclement weather! Had the pleasure of following Gilly (who was partnering my Butty,Gadget) for the latter stage of the morning session. What an exhibition of shooting at it's finest, hats off to you Sir (48/50).
It was my first experience at one of these events and was there purely as an observer. Big thanks to Mike and Simon for organizing the day, I know what work and effort goes into these events. Even having to be towed out of the field by tractor at the end of the morning session didn't put a dampener on the day (excuse the pun).
It will be a while before I develope/learn the skill set required to get to the stage when I can actually compete in these events but it's something to aspire to.
And finally a big thank you to Gadget who kindly loaned me his Clint Eastwood Poncho for the day. Cheers Mate.
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