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Default Round 2 Cambridge

HFT Masters results

A good turnout for this one despite the grim weather, which turned out to be better than forecast.
A fantastic course as always, thanks Ian, thanks also to the kitchen staff for the great food and hot drinks all day,
last but not least thanks to Brigitte for all of the booking in and recording results.

PositionNameScoreTierClass (Open if not stated)
1Elliott Compton581 
2Barry Smith581 
3Colin Wilson571 
4Richard Bailey561 
5Phillip Godwin561 
6Paul Wetton551 
7Steve Edmondson551 
8Becky Rawlings551Junior
9Jeff Westley541 
10Alex Larkin541 
11Elliott Reed541Junior
12Ian Clark531 
13Jill Cochrane531 
14Matt Rawlings531 
15Geoff Ryder521 
16Mark McCarthy522 
17Stuart Deeks521 
18Justin Rhone522 
19Tom Willingham521Junior
20Dave Welham521 
21Will South511 
22Steve Willingham511 
23Ray Hampton511 
24Simon Vant511 
25Dan Measures511 
26Steve Youngs511.22
27Martin Slane512 
28Daryl Bell502 
29Richard Blackshire501 
30Ron Whitney501 
31Wayne Pearce501 
32Andy Yates501 
33Rex Bennett501Springer
34Wayne Marriott501 
35Theresa Reed501 
36Harry Compton502 
37Joanne Cogger492 
38Andy Ireland492 
39Simon Jones491 
40John Cooper492 
41Martin Hills482 
42Paul Taylor482 
43Simon Reynolds482 
44James Free481 
45Dean Auger472 
46Andy Day472 
47Keith Warburton471 
48Gert Spoelstra472 
49Dominic Taylor461Junior
50Harry Kalaydjian461Springer
51Steve Martin462Springer
52Bob Brand462 
53Finn Cochrane451 
54Mike Averill452 
55Lewis Cooper452 
56Mark Minchin452 
57Jake Day451Springer
58Nick Cant442 
59Karl Potts432 
60Kevin Turner431Springer
61Gordon Smith432 
62Nia Preston422Junior
63Dan Smith422.22
64Gary Brooks422 
65Jim Leeman402Springer
66Nick Aldridge402 
67Paul Burt401Springer
68Mick Salmon402 
69Steve Hermitage402.22
70Simon Ely392 
71James Stevens392.22
72Chris Wells392 
73Aron Day292Junior
74Dan FerraroDNF  
75Matt MousleyDNF  
76Brigitte VantDNF  
77Roger LaitDNF  

Cash Prizes
250 - Karl Potts
150 - Keith Warburton
100 - Alex Larkin

Other Prizes
100 Airgun Centre Voucher - Dave Welham
Jack Pyke Suit - Theresa Reed
Sportsmatch Mounts Voucher - Paul Taylor
Hawke Scope - Mark Minchin
BSA Gunbag - Steve Hermitage

The next round is at the Greyhound Club on Saturday 8th August.
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