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Many. many thanks to everyone who came today, and thanks to all that pitched in as well, made it all worth while.

Dave Godwin also came in with a 37, early on.

I always seem to get flappy about the course level there, but it seems the CGC wind always comes out and levels it off nicely. The breeze across the whole range was being a right sod, and I think I had heart in mouth for all but one shots, which was one I missed. Doubting 35 yd full size kills in the woods did have me vexxed somewhat... a chosen inside edge could so be the wrong one at any moment. Bit tense when you draw level after dialing the wrong amount of clicks in...

Shame about your rig Dave... Dan's turret broke 1/2 way around, and Pat's 77 snapped it's cocking linkage as well. Bit of a graveyard, but I think you shot astoundingly well considering.

I don't understand how the live range was mostly going left, and the woodland range was mostly going right, and how two targets 3 yds apart in thin air can take 1 kill left and 1/8 right.

Dave, could you give me a call... i've got 4 scorecards missing and i'm not sure if thats people that didn't hand them in, or there are 4 that need looking for. If we can run through the list on the phone it will save emails

See you all at the next one.
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